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Health and Safety Coverage for SCA Activities

Greetings SCANZ members,

Dillon from the Committee has been looking at the new H&S legislation.  Below is a link to a specific FAQ for volunteers.

'The coverage of volunteers will remain the same as the approach under the current law.  This means a purely volunteer organisation where volunteers work together for community purposes and which does not have any employees is known as a volunteer association under the Bill.  A volunteer association is not a business and therefore, the Bill will not apply to it.'

Consultation – proposal to extend the Bullying & Harassment Policy pilot period

The committee has received a suggestion to leave the policy in pilot phase for a longer period – preferably until a bullying or harassment complaint has been processed using the new policy - and now seeks feedback on that proposal. Full details are available by clicking the title above.

Background to the Bullying & Harassment Policy Announcement

Recently the Kingdom of Lochac has had both a Baroness resign, citing bullying and harassment (B&H) as the reason for stepping down, and an entire group of 40+ members has been lost due to B&H. The Kingdom Seneschal has been receiving numerous complaints about B&H, on a near daily basis, and handling these complaints without clear policy has been difficult. This document provides further information regarding the process followed by the SCAA and SCANZ committees in the release of the B&H policy as a pilot.

90 Day Pilot of SCANZ and SCAA Bullying & Harrassment Policy

There have been, and continue to be, a rise in complaints of bullying and harassment in the kingdom. In response to this, and the feedback that Australia’s policy wasn’t comprehensive enough, and that New Zealand didn’t have a policy addressing B&H at all, the Board, Committee and Kingdom Seneschal have discussed at length the importance of having a policy as soon as possible, and what options we had available to us to provide this to our members and participants. A thorough discussion was had about the potential to launch the policy as a pilot vs sending out the policy for consultation. After comprehensive discussions and considerations, we have decided to move forward with a 90-day PILOT for the Bullying & Harassment Policy. We are aware that going live with a policy (even as a pilot) is not standard procedure. Under ordinary circumstances we would not go forward with a policy until we have requested and considered feedback. Unfortunately, we have an urgent need for a new policy. Please click the title above to read the full announcement.

Minutes: Meeting on policy for participation by children

An informal meeting was held at Canterbury Faire, 2013, to discuss whether we need a policy on participation by minors (comparable to the SCAA's Child Protection Policy), and what that should contain. Minutes here.Since then, the committee have been soliciting feedback from interested members of the populace, and working on a draft policy.


This is an unofficial placeholder announcement that the AGM was held successfully at St Caths. All the motions put to vote were passed, and everything else was smooth. The minutes will be uploaded soon.-- Sam West

AGM agenda published

 The 2012 AGM will be held in Auckland on Friday the 30th of November, at 8:30pm, at St Catherine's Faire.  All SCANZ members have been emailed with an AGM pack including the Voting form, Agenda, Chairman's report, and Treasurer's report. Postal (or electronic) votes must be with the registrar one week before the AGM.  

Announcement Regarding the SCA, Inc. US Lawsuit

Announcement regarding the settlement of the lawsuit against the SCA, Inc. in the United States; and its impact within Lochac.