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\vspace{50mm} {\nbtitlestretch\huge Kingdom of Lochac Target Archery and Thrown Weapons Handbook}




\newpage \subsection{\texorpdfstring{\protect\hypertarget{Is_this_the_most_recent_version.3F}{}{Is this the most recent version?}}{Is this the most recent version?}}\label{is-this-the-most-recent-version}

This pdf has a date at the bottom of the page of the day that the file was generated from the Armoured Combat Fighters Handbook wiki, so you will know how up-to-date your hard copy or file of the rules is.

Updates to the content (including fixing typographical errors) and alterations to the coding behind the pdf creation will trigger a new pdf to be available from that link. Any changes to the actual rules will be documented in the \href{/wiki/index.php?title=Armoured_Combat:Change_Log}{Change Log}.

We don't recommend saving copies of the pdf to other locations, as they will become out of date when the wiki is updated with rule changes. Use, bookmark or save the link instead.

\subsection{\texorpdfstring{\protect\hypertarget{Copyright_statement}{}{Copyright statement}}{Copyright statement}}\label{copyright-statement}

Text included verbatim from The Society for Creative Anachronism Inc. Target Archery Marshal's Handbook (October 2016) and The Society for Creative Anachronism Inc. Thrown Weapons Marshal's Handbook (October 2016) is Copyright The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

All other text is copyright ;The Society for Creative Anachronism Ltd. Australia and The Society for Creative Anachronism New Zealand Inc. It may be freely copied for SCA purposes provided it is copied in full and this notice remains intact.