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Rule 7.10.2 on elbow armour has been updated to say that shield alone is sufficient on a side-strapped shield, if the elbow is 4 inches (10.2 cm) or more from the edge of the shield during typical use. This rule was included in Society rule changes in 2013.
Rule change Date
The dates for these changes are non-linear at this time to allow readers to go through this update from the 2009 handbook from start to finish. Future updates post release of this wiki should be in date order with the most recent at the top. 5 July 2018
The following footnote to 1.1 has now been included as a rule.

The term "combatant" is used in this book to refer to people who are actually fighting, whether with melee or missile weapons. The term "participant" is used to refer to everyone taking an active role in combat-related activities. Everyone on the field, combatant, auxiliary or non-combatant, is a participant. "Plumed participants" refers to both plumed combatants and plumed auxiliaries.

2 July 2018
Fixed a typographical error. Changed 1.1.2.b from "Must wear a plume in their helmets..." to "Must wear a plume on their helmets..." 19 August 2018
In Section 2, references to marshals with regards to authorising have been updated to Senior Marshals as appropriate. Only Senior Marshals can conduct armoured combat authorisations, as per the Marshal Handbook. 26 May 2019
The following footnote to 2.1.1 has been incorporated into the rule.

There are also authorisation requirements for rapier combat and equestrian activities but these are dealt with in their respective handbooks.

5 July 2018
2.1.3a(i) has been updated to clarify that a Heavy Combatant authorisation allows the participant to engage in heavy combat with melee weapons and to take the field as Plumed Combatant or Plumed Auxiliary. And 2.1.3a(ii) has been updated that to act as a Plumed Combatant, a fighter also needs another weapon authorisation such as thrown weapon, combat archery or siege engine. Plumed Participant on its own only allows a fighter to act as a Plumed Auxiliary (banner bearer) 26 May 2019
2.1.4a has been updated to use the term Auxiliary Marshal. 5 July 2018
The following footnote to 2.1.11 has been incorporated into the rule, and Lochac corrected to Australia.

In Australia, a completed authorisation form includes an indemnity. This form must be completed by both the Authorising Marshal and the candidate. New Zealand resident candidates do not need to complete the indemnity.

5 July 2018
2.3.2 has been updated to reflect the forms required for minor participation and that it must be the parent or guardian present for the authorisation, not a Nominated Caregiver. 26 May 2019
2.3.5 had been updated to reflect that minor participants must have a guardian or Nominated Caregiver present at the event. 21 May 2019
3.1 has been updated to use the wording from the Marshal's Handbook (Oct 2018). The Rules of the Lists cover all SCA martial field activities. 30 May 2019
3.2 and 3.3 have been updated to the most recent version of Corpora (January 2018) and Marshal's Handbook (Oct 2018), and corrected for standard NZ and Australian spelling. There are no changes to these from the April edition of Corpora or August 2006 edition of the Marshal's Handbook used previously. 5 July 2018
Figure 4.1 didn't render properly in the Kingdom of Lochac Fighters Handbook 2009 File:Fighters-handbook 2009.pdf. The correct images are now included. 28 June 2018
4.2.2 The footnote "See Grievance procedures" has been removed. 5 July 2018
The following footnote to 4.2.24 has been incorporated into the rule:

This rule is meant to allow the kneeling combatant to straighten if they desire and is not intended to keep the standing combatant from leaning forward to stay in range if the kneeling combatant leans back.

5 July 2018
The footnotes for 4.5.2 indicating that holds may not be necessary if the problem can be dealt with without one for broken weapons and armour have been included in rule. 5 July 2018
The following footnote to 7.3.1.a has been incorporated into the rule:

The cervical vertebrae are the vertebrae in the neck. The first thoracic vertebra is the first major lump which can be felt in the spine at the base of the neck.

5 July 2018
The following footnote to has been incorporated into the rule:

While it is necessary to protect the bones of the jaw, it is not considered essential to completely armour the soft tissue in the underside of the jaw.

5 July 2018
Rule had a footnote about helms made prior to 2002 of 1.3mm (18 gauge). This footnote is no longer valid and has been removed. 28 June 2018
The following footnote to has been incorporated into the rule:

The process of spinning the top thins the metal, thereby requiring a heavier gauge to start with.

5 July 2018
The following footnote to 7.5.7 c has been incorporated into the rule:

Although the gauge of the woven wire is less than previously allowed, the protection offered by this security mesh is superior to the current approved materials.

5 July 2018
12kg fencing mask mesh, and other mesh which will not significantly flex, spread apart, or deform under pressure of 12 kg applied by a standard rapier mask tester repeatedly to any single point have been added as options to 7.5.7 as e. and f. 6 June 2019
Rule 7.8.1-3 have been replaced with the new wording from the Society Marshal's Handbook Oct 2018. The prohibition on wearing groin protection designed for the opposite sex has been removed

The rules were updated to make things more inclusive for trans and non-binary participants. The prohibition against wearing the opposite gender's groin protection had been included due to marshals of the past requiring women to wear a male athletic cup.

29 October 2018
Rule 7.9.1 has been updated to note that viscoelastic polymers (i.e. Zoombang) can be considered the equivalent of heavy leather worn over 1/2 inch (6 mm) of closed-cell foam. (Society update from August 2014) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019
Rule 7.11.1 - corrected to match Society minimum requirement for hand protection to extend to 25.4mm (1 inch) above the wrist. The footnote about coverage has been removed. 28 June 2018
The following footnote to 7.11.1.b.iii has been incorporated into the rule:

Ice hockey gloves are considered to be the equivalent, but look blatantly modern, and their use is discouraged. Kendo, lacrosse and street hockey gloves are not equivalent.

5 July 2018
Rule 7.16 and 7.17 are formatting errors in the 2009 pdf and have been put back into 7.15 Noncombatant Armour Requirements as 7.15.5 and 7.15.6 28 June 2018
Rule 8.1.10 The use of flails and quarterstaves for combat in the SCA is expressly forbidden.

The use of quarterstaves for combat in the SCA is not expressly forbidden in the 2018 Marshals Handbook, so that statement has been removed from the rules. The rules continue to prohibit weapons from having a cutting and/or smashing heads at both ends.

28 June 2018
The following footnote to 8.1.12 has been incorporated into the rule:

The purpose of this rule is to ban weapons where there is no mechanical leverage or give in the weapon/hand/arm system to absorb some of the force of the blow.

5 July 2018
Rule has been updated to include polypropylene round rod for single-handed swords and describe the approved Siloflex equivalent for Lochac. 28 June 2018
Construction requirements for polypropylene swords have been added as Rule and the other paragraphs in this section renumbered. 28 June 2018
Rule - corrected to match Society maximum weight for single-handed mass weapons of 2.27 kg (5 pounds). This is a change from the previous 2.73kg (6 pounds) 28 June 2018
The following footnote to Rule has been incorporated into the rule:

Users should take extra care when constructing mass weapons to ensure that they are able to control the weapon and not inadvertently generate excessive force.

5 July 2018
Due to the common usage of low-profile thrusting tips, the following footnote to8.4.3.5 has been removed and included in the [[Talk:Armoured Combat:Melee_Weapon_Standards|Notes]].

Duke Eringlin, Society Marshal has given Lochac this dispensation, June, 2001 - Rubberised towball covers of a lesser diameter must be enlarged to conform to Society standards.

5 July 2018
Rule 9.1.4 B has been updated to include Lochac's equivalent to Siloflex. 28 June 2018
Society rule about a prohibition on missile weapons intended to simulate firearms, slings, slingstaffs, and atlatls has been added as Rule 10.1.4 and the following paragraphs in this section have been renumbered. This also required the removal of an exception for manually pumped compressed air used in cannon rounds from rule 10.1.6, and the removal of rule10.4.1 a and e. 19 August 2018
Rule 10.2.1 updated to include the Society minimum poundage for bows used for combat archery of 20lb at 28 inches, and manufacturers tolerances for bow weights. 28 June 2018
Rule 10.2.2 has been updated to correctly describe measuring the draw weight of a bow according to Archery Manufacturers Organisation standards that bow poundage is measured by. 28 June 2018
Rule about the use of crossbows in combat prohibited in Australia inserted between 10.2.2 and 10.2.3 and the remaining paragrpahs in this sections have been renumbered. 28 June 2018
What was 10.2.3 has been made specific to combat archers in New Zealand, and now included the Society minimum poundage for crossbows. 28 June 2018
What was Rule 10.2.4 - The rule about the legality of crossbows and its footnote about use of crossbows in Victoria has been removed, due to the use of crossbows in combat being prohibited in Australia by insurance policy, and may be used without restriction in New Zealand. 28 June 2018
Society rules about non-period aids, that bows and crossbows must be powered only by the flex of the limbs, and modern pistol grips are prohibited on crossbows have been added as 10.2.6, 10.2.7, and 10.2.8 and the remaining paragraphs in this section have been renumbered. 28 June 2018
What was Rule 10.2.7 - added Society requirement that during inspection, all bows must have their poundage and draw physically measured with a ruler or other metered device and poundage scale. 28 June 2018
Updated Missile Weapons Standards 10.3.3 to include species name and common names for allowed timbers, removed ramen/ramin as an approved timber type for combat arrows, and added Western Red Cedar. 28 June 2018
Dispute resolution process updated to meet current Lochac Kingdom Law. This removes Quarter Courts. 28 June 2018
Conversion of the Kingdom of Lochac Fighters Handbook 2009 File:Fighters-handbook 2009.pdf to wiki format 26 June 2018