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Rule change Date
The following was previously a footnote to 1.1, it has now been included as a rule.

The term “combatant” is used in this book to refer to people who are actually fighting, whether with melee or missile weapons. The term “participant” is used to refer to everyone taking an active role in combat-related activities. Everyone on the field, combatant, auxiliary or non-combatant, is a participant. “Plumed participants” refers to both plumed combatants and plumed auxiliaries.

2 July 2018
Figure 4.1 didn't render properly in the File:Fighters-handbook 2009.pdf. The correct images are now included. 28 June 2018
Rule had a footnote about helms made prior to 2002 of 1.3mm (18 gauge). This footnote is no longer valid and has been removed. 28 June 2018
Rule 7.11.1 - corrected to match Society minimum requirement for hand protection to extend to 26mm (1 inch) above the wrist. The footnote about coverage has been removed. 28 June 2018
Rule 7.16 and 7.17 are formatting errors in the 2009 pdf and have been put back into 7.15 Noncombatant Armour Requirements as 7.15.5 and 7.15.6 28 June 2018
Rule 8.1.10 The use of flails and quarterstaves for combat in the SCA is expressly forbidden.

The use of quarterstaves for combat in the SCA is not expressly forbidden in the 2018 Marshals Handbook, so that statement has been removed from the rules. The rules continue to prohibit weapons from having a cutting and/or smashing heads at both ends.

28 June 2018
Rule has been updated to include polypropylene round rod for single-handed swords and describe the approved Siloflex equivalent for Lochac. 28 June 2018
Construction requirements for polypropylene swords have been added as Rule and the other paragraphs in this section renumbered. 28 June 2018
Rule - corrected to match Society maximum weight for single-handed mass weapons of 2.27 kg (5 pounds). This is a change from the previous 2.73kg (6 pounds) 28 June 2018
Rule 9.1.4 B has been updated to include Lochac's equivalent to Siloflex. 28 June 2018
Society rule about a prohibition on missile weapons intended to simulate firearms, slings, slingstaffs, and atlatls has been added as Rule 10.1.4 and the following paragraphs in this section have been renumbered. This also required the removal of 10.4.1 a and e. 28 June 2018
Rule 10.2.1 updated to include the Society minimum poundage for bows used for combat archery of 20lb at 28 inches, and manufacturers tolerances for bow weights. 28 June 2018
Rule 10.2.2 has been updated to correctly describe measuring the draw weight of a bow according to Archery Manufacturers Organisation standards that bow poundage is measured by. 28 June 2018
Rule about the use of crossbows in combat prohibited in Australia inserted between 10.2.2 and 10.2.3 and the remaining paragrpahs in this sections have been renumbered. 28 June 2018
What was 10.2.3 has been made specific to combat archers in New Zealand, and now included the Society minimum poundage for crossbows. 28 June 2018
What was Rule 10.2.4 - The rule about the legality of crossbows and its footnote about use of crossbows in Victoria has been removed, due to the use of crossbows in combat being prohibited in Australia by insurance policy, and without restriction in New Zealand. 28 June 2018
Society rules about non-period aids, that bows and crossbows must be powered only by the flex of the limbs, and modern pistol grips are prohibited on crossbows have been added as 10.2.6, 10.2.7, and 10.2.8 and the remaining paragraphs in this section have been renumbered. 28 June 2018
What was Rule 10.2.7 - added Society requirement that during inspection, all equipment must have its poundage and draw physically measured with a ruler or other metered device and poundage scale. 28 June 2018
Updated Missile Weapons Standards 10.3.3 to include species name and common names for allowed timbers, removed ramen/ramin as an approved timber type for combat arrows, and added Western Red Cedar. 28 June 2018
Dispute resolution process updated to meet current Lochac Kingdom Law. This removes Quarter Courts. 28 June 2018
Conversion of File:Fighters-handbook 2009.pdf to wiki format 26 June 2018