Armoured Combat Handbook

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Face covering requirement for NZ marshals

To the best of our understanding (I haven't heard back from Ministry of Health about referees for martial arts), we believe that marshals in NZ trigger the requirement for wearing face coverings while inspecting combatants and marshalling combat due to close contact or the potential for it while assisting a combatant. This applies during red and orange traffic light settings of the COVID Protection Framework. This may not be practicable for marshalling war combat, or for combatants taking turns marshalling bouts while still fully armoured - so treat it as requiring the face covering if not wearing your helmet. It's a compliance issue rather than an actual mitigation from spreading COVID - taking part in combat is a far greater risk of spread!

Angele de Savigny, Earl Marshal

Rule changes 10 July 2021

  • On July 10th, after announcement by the Crown, changes to the Armoured Combat Fighter's Handbook and Marshal's Handbook come into effect.
  • All combatants and marshals must read, understand and apply these rules, and look through the change log to see what is different.
- Angele de Savigny, Earl Marshal

Fighters' Handbook

PDF version of the Armoured Combat Fighters' Handbook

  1. Classes of Participant and Combat
  2. Combat Authorisation Requirements
  3. Rules of the Lists
  4. Conventions of Combat
  5. The Use of Weapons and Shields
  6. Target Areas and Acknowledgement of Blows
  7. Armour Requirements
  8. Melee Weapon Standards
  9. Throwing Weapon Standards
  10. Missile Weapon Standards
  11. Grievances and Sanctions
  12. Procedures for Changes to These Rules
  13. Glossary
  14. Change Log
  15. Changes from 2009 edition to 2019

Marshals' Handbook

PDF version of the Armoured Combat Marshals' Handbook

  1. Introduction
  2. Structure of the Marshallate
  3. Authorisation of Marshals
  4. Inspecting Equipment
  5. Marshalling Combat
  6. Combat Injury Procedures
  7. Experimental Weapons and Materials Procedures
  8. Chain of Command and Procedures for Reporting
  9. Sanctions and Appeals
  10. Changing These Rules
  11. Marshals' Handbook Change Log