Changing These Rules

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  1. These rules shall have precedence as set out in section I.A of Corpora of the SCA. Real-world law always has precedence over any SCA rules.
  2. Temporary changes may be made to these rules by proclamation of the Crown. See section II of Lochac Law (
  3. Permanent changes to Lochac standards and conventions may only be made using the following procedure, and shall only come into effect after all of the following steps are complete:
    1. The change must be proclaimed by the Crown at an official event; and
    2. all group marshals have been notified, for example, by an email to the Marshals' mailing list
    3. the Handbook (this document) will be updated to include the approved changes; and
    4. notification of the changes will be published in Pegasus.
  4. The procedure for requesting changes to these rules is as follows:
    1. Discuss proposed changes with your Branch Marshal or on the Lochac Marshals' mailing list
    2. Discuss proposed changes with Lochac Earl Marshal.
    3. The Earl Marshal's may approve testing, if appropriate
    4. If the Earl Marshal agrees to proposed changes, they will approve the change or seek approval for the changes from Society Marshal as necessary.
  5. The Earl Marshal may make typographical corrections and minor changes clarifying wording of a rule without going through the process above if the meaning or intent of the rule isn't changed.