Armoured Combat Handbook - DRAFT

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These rules cover the field of armoured combat, including combat archery, siege, and "heavy" tournament combat. These rules do not cover fencing, equestrian, or target archery activities; they are covered in separate manuals, which you can find in the sidebar.


Feedback on any aspect of these rules are welcome and can be sent to the Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal (, or the Earl Marshal (

Fighters' Handbook

PDF version of the Draft Armoured Combat Fighters' Handbook

  1. Classes of Participant and Combat
  2. Combat Authorisation Requirements - done
  3. Rules of the Lists - done
  4. Conventions of Combat- done
  5. The Use of Weapons and Shields - done
  6. Target Areas and Acknowledgement of Blows - done
  7. Armour Requirements - done
  8. Melee Weapon Standards - done
  9. Throwing Weapon Standards - done
  10. Missile Weapon Standards - done
  11. Grievances and Sanctions - done
  12. Procedures for Changes to These Rules - done
  13. Glossary - done
  14. Change Log - done
  15. Changes from 2009 edition to 2019 - done

Marshals' Handbook

PDF version of the Draft Marshals' handbook

  1. Introduction
  2. Structure of the Marshallate
  3. Authorisation of Marshals - done
  4. Inspecting Equipment - done
  5. Marshalling Combat - done
  6. Combat Injury Procedures - done
  7. Experimental Weapons and Materials Procedures - done
  8. Chain of Command and Procedures for Reporting - done
  9. Sanctions and Appeals - done
  10. Procedures for Changes to These Rules - done
  11. Marshals Handbook Change Log - done