Throwing Weapons Standards

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General Information

  1. Throwing weapons may be used hand-held for striking and may also be thrown in scenarios where thrown weapons are allowed. Examples include thrust-and-throw javelins, axes, and knives.
  2. Weapons used hand-held for striking as well as throwing must be constructed according to the requirements for that style of melee weapon and the requirements set out in this section.
  3. The total mass of throwing weapons may not exceed 907g (2 lb).
  4. Shafts shall be constructed of either:
    1. rattan not less than 32mm (1 1/4 inch) in diameter along its entire length; or
    2. two layers of Siloflex or equivalent. The approved equivalent for Lochac is medium density, black polyethylene water pipe, 12 bar pressure rating. The outer layer shall be 25.4mm (1 inch) inner diameter Siloflex (32mm (1 1/4 inch) OD) and the inner layer shall be 19.1mm (3/4 inch) inner diameter Siloflex.
  5. If Siloflex is used, both ends of the shaft shall be covered with either a schedule-40 PVC cap with an interior diameter the same as the outside diameter of the shaft (32mm (1 1/4 inch)), or with a rubber stopper or equivalent means to prevent the tubing from penetrating the thrusting tip(s), fastened securely in place by tape and/or glue.
  6. Low-profile thrusting tips, built according to the specifications in 8.4.2 shall be used on any tip that can be reasonably assumed to contact a fighter when the weapon is used or thrown.
  7. Throwing weapons with a thrusting tip on only one end shall be constructed so that when thrown they will always strike with that tip. If necessary, fins, fletchings, streamers, etc. shall be used to prevent the weapon from turning and striking with any other tip. The fins must be constructed of a non-rigid material, such as closed-cell foam or un-hardened leather.
  8. If the weapon has a head, it shall not be constructed of solely rigid materials. The head shall be firmly and securely attached to the haft or handle. The head shall allow at least 13mm of progressive give between the striking surface and the weapon haft or handle.
  9. Throwing weapons must have the owner's name, kingdom, and group clearly and legibly printed on it in English characters for identification.