Notes - Classes of Participant and Combat

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  • How can 14 year olds be allowed to be shot by missiles as plumed auxillaries, but must be 16 to be on the field in a non-combat role? I suspect this is a hangover from before there were plumed participants, and can be changed to 14 as the minimum for all participants except marshals.

Angele (talk) 16:13, 26 June 2018 (NZST)


Plumed Auxiliaries
Plumed auxiliaries are called auxiliaries to get around the age restrictions on combatants being at least 16 years old for armoured combat.
Pole weapons must not be used as banner poles as plumed auxiliaries may not carry any weapon, and we don't want 14-year-olds hit because someone thought they were carrying a weapon and didn't check for a plume.