Notes - Melee Weapons Standards

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Towball caps - June 2001
Duke Eringlin, Society Marshal gave Lochac a dispensation to use 46mm towball caps.
Siloflex - May 2005
Siloflex is a brand name and is not available in Australia or New Zealand. The approved equivalent for Lochac is OD 32mm (approx ID 25mm), medium density, black polyethylene water pipe, 12 bar pressure rating.
Striking surface (A clarification via Society Earl marshal) - October 2013
Because of the nature of our activities and the ability of our weapons to break during use the "striking surface" of a weapon is to be considered throughout the entire striking portion, blade, or head, of the weapon, not only the outside "skin" or layer. This includes all interior construction materials and parts no matter how "deep" inside.
Please note that this means materials such as 'chopping board' plastic may not be used for the construction of weapon heads.
Rubber weapon heads - October 2013
The 'Acorn roller' rubber mace heads are legal for use in Lochac.
The rubber 'Talhoffer' pole axe heads are legal for use in Lochac.
Construction requirement for Polypropylene ('polypro') swords - June 2015

All polypropylene swords in use in Lochac must either;

  1. have at least 3 layers of fibre tape ( that has the lengthways fibers, not cross hatch tape), run along both blade faces over the tip of the sword; or
  2. webbing belt or a leather strip along the blade face and over the tip.
This measure is designed to prevent the end of the stick flying off in the event of breakage.
Polypropylene rod as alternative to rattan - September 2012
As per the announcement from the SCA US and the changes to the Society Marshals' Handbook in May 2012, polypropylene round rod of a diameter no greater than 31.8mm is now permissible as an alternative to rattan for single handed weapons within Lochac.
Quarterstaves - June 2018
The use of quarterstaves for combat in the SCA is not expressly forbidden in the 2018 Marshals Handbook, so that statement has been removed from the rules. The rules continue to prohibit weapons from having a cutting and/or smashing heads at both ends.