Notes - Structure of the Marshallate

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Name changes for types of marshal - July 2021
"Auxiliary Marshals" to "Assistant Marshals" to better reflect their role,
"Marshal-in-Charge of the field" to "Responsible Marshal" to prevent confusion with Marshal-in-Charge of the event or practice.
Kindgom Armoured Combat Marshal - July 2021
The Earl Marshal has often also held the office of Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal, however they can be separate people, so these rules have been updated to reflect that.
Group Marshals - July 2021
To meet the requirement for groups to have a Group Marshal, they can be from any of the martial combat endeavours.
Group Armoured Combat Marshals report to the Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal, not the Earl Marshal.
Marshals for pick ups - July 2021
You need a rostered marshal to be able to run pick ups at any official event or practice. All combat at official events or practices needs to follow these rules. There is no unofficial combat at official event or practices, it's just unscheduled.