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V 4.2 - July 2019 (unapproved)

V4.1.0 - 26 May 2019
Imported version 4.0 into the wiki, corrected section referencing, replaced his/her etc with their etc, and removed acronyms. Removed reference to Principality. Updated broken web links. New PDF format generated.
V4.1.1 - 18 July 2019
Updated quote marks with the word inches where relevant to prevent formatting errors in pdf. Set consistent use of fractions for imperial measurements, and provided metric conversions for all uses of imperial measurements. Moved Document History from Appendices to become Change Log.
Updated to remove reference to Quarter Courts, as the process has been replaced by grievance procedures.
Appendix - Rules of the Lists
Removed - "The section below is reproduced verbatim from section IX.B of the April 2006 revision of the Corpora of the SCA Inc. It is reproduced here for convenience. Changes to Corpora shall override the rules in this section." as it is no longer the case for Lochac. Replaced with "The Rules of the Lists are contained within the Corpora of the SCA Inc."
Due to our requirement for approval by the Board of SCA Ltd Australia and Committee of SCANZ Inc, we must remove the Sovereign's right to waive any of standards that Lochac has in addition to Society combat rules in Rule 4 of the Rules of the List.
Procedures for making changes to these rules
Updated to say that the Crown may only restrict the rules by proclamation, and includes a 30 day expiry on temporary rule restrictions.
List of required approvals for rule changes and experiments updated. This change means that the Sovereign may not waive any of Lochac's standards which are additional to those of the Society Rapier Marshal's Handbook.

V4.0 - 27 Mar 2019

Revision of melee/war rules to include increased risk management. Addition of Kingdom Rapier deputies for Spear/Pole weapons and Youth Rapier. Addition of Rubber Band Gun Only authorisation. Addition of 'blood rule'. Revision to gender neutral terms and formatting.


Revision of rubber band gun rules to include long arms and insertion of Society Rapier Rules update regarding hand protection for Cut and Thrust.


Introduction of Pole Weapons, updating of blade requirements to Society Rules, implementation of new Society Rules for mask/helm padding, changes to allow rapier combatants to supervise rapier combat.


Introduction of Cut and Thrust Rapier Rule and reflected changes to the Marshallate structure. General tidy-up of the rules. Authorisations changed to Rapier, Melee, and Cut and Thrust.


Introduced Rubber Band Guns to the weapons inventory and reflected changes to the Marshallate structure.


Original document developed by the Lochac Rapier Marshallate, proclaimed into law on the formation of the Kingdom of Lochac, on 6 July 2002.