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Whole of document

  • Change of terminology from "Rapier" to "Fencing", consistent with the Society Fencing Marshals' Handbook
  • Plain English approach and restructure by topic, for example: Rules for Fencers, Rules for Marshals.

Key changes and notes by section


Specifies that all fencing combat activities in Lochac must follow the policies and requirements of SCA Australia and New Zealand.
Specifies that fencing combat is subject to mundane laws, including Victorian weapons laws.
The Society Marshal has granted minor combatants in Lochac an exemption from the requirement to wear a marking that identifies them as a minor.

Rules for Fencers

2.4.2 (2)
Specifies that there is no waiting period to authorise for Cut and Thrust Fencing or to authorise to use a spear, if you have a Standard Fencing authorisation.
2.4.2 (3)
Specifies that you can use a spear if you have a current Rapier Pike or Pole Weapon authorisation under the previous Lochac Rapier Rules.
Allows combatants in a melee to run from one part of the field to another, subject to distance restrictions.
Allows Cut and Thrust Combat in a melee.
Sets rules for the participation of Gunners as non-fencing combatants.
Sets rules for fencers to "kill" a non-fencing Gunner.
Specifies that Rubber-Band Guns are the only projectile weapons allowed for use in the Kingdom of Lochac.
Allows the use of a Spear with one hand,if you have lost the use of the other hand.
Allows the use of a Spear to "Kill from behind".
Allows the use of Rubber-Band Guns in single combat that is not part of a tournament.
Allows movement on the knees when you have received a blow to the leg.
Allows combat to continue following a leg blow in Cut and Thrust combat.
2.8.1 (1)
Makes it mandatory to wear some form of eye protection during sword or dagger drills with opponents in practice.
2.8.1 (2)
Makes it mandatory to wear full face protection during spear drills with opponents in practice.
Specifies that a shield or buckler alone is not sufficient hand protection for Cut and Thrust combat in Lochac. This is a more restrictive requirement than the Society rule.
Additional requirements for medical protection.

Rules for Marshals

Notes additional requirements for inspections in line with COVID safety requirements.
Allows Authorising Marshals to authorise Fencers in any category in which the marshal holds a combat authorisation (rather than requiring separate Authorising Marshal categories).
Requires Authorising Marshals to hold a current authorisation card to conduct an authorisation.
Specifies that a person does not need to be an authorised fencing marshal to hold office as a Group Fencing Marshal.

Managing incidents

Sets out the process for re-training after a person's authorisation has been suspended.

Rules for equipment

States that steel-headed spears will not be allowed from 31 December 2021, at the direction of the Society Marshal.
Specifies that rubber band gun ammunition must have a draw strength no greater than 13.6 kg (30 pounds).


Sets out an inspection process for rubber band guns.
Sets out a COVID-safe inspection process.

Safety tests

Sets out a safety test for rubber band gun ammunition.

Authorising procedures

Sets out guidelines for authorising fencers, gunners and marshals.


Sets out the definition of terms used in the rules.