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  1. These rules set fundamental standards for rapier (including Cut and Thrust, formerly known as Sidesword) combat in Lochac. All combatants and marshals are responsible for knowing these rules, as well as the [ rapier rules of the Society -
    1. Lochac rapier rules are located at:
  2. These rules are designed to promote safe rapier combat in the Kingdom. However, no matter how clear or accurate, rules cannot replace common sense, good judgment, and concern for the participants. If a question arises when applying these standards, choose the answer that promotes the greatest degree of safety for all participants.
  3. The intention of these rules is to set up a framework under which combatants from across the Kingdom can be confident that when they travel to another group the rules under which rapier combat will operate will be clear and consistent.
  4. This document is subject to change as clarifications are added, as mundane law develops or as situations arise. All participants are required to remain abreast of any changes so as to reduce potential confusion on the field.
    1. Kingdom Rapier Marshal formal announcements will be made via Lochac Fencers email list: and will also be posted on the Lochac Rapier Facebook page:
  5. Rapier combat is intended to re-create the rapier fighting styles of the pre-seventeenth (17th) centuries. It is not an arena for modern "Olympic-style" fencing, although training in that area is useful for safety and skilldevelopment. Participants are encouraged to study the fencing manuals of the period, and to develop fighting styles based on their study.