Handbook Maintenance

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Maintenance of this handbook can be divided into the easy, the complicated, and dark magic.

The Easy

The Complicated

  • Editting the CSS (in MediaWiki:Common.css)
  • Editing the javascript (in Mediawiki:Common.js)
  • raw TeX title pages
  • raw TeX Pandoc template(s), which are editable from within the wiki.

Dark Magic

  • shell dependencies
    • pandoc
    • pdfLatex
    • imageMagick
    • Inkscape
    • perl
  • mediawiki version
  • LocalSettings.php maintenance
    • Settng up namespaces
  • Maintaining off the shelf extensions
    • pdfHandler
    • nativeSVGhandler
    • externalRedirects
  • Custom extensions
    • pandocPdfBook
    • fixTables.pl script