Capturing Siege Engines and Structures

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General Rules

  1. In the event that a Siege engine crew has been killed or captured, but the engine or structure itself has not been destroyed, the engine or structure may continue to be used by the capturing army, provided that:
    • It is only operated by authorized Siege Engineers who are familiar enough with the engine to operate it safely.
    • The owner or their authorized representative has signaled their consent to its after-capture use by placing a green ribbon or tape near the cocking and firing mechanisms, or at the entry of the structure. Please remember that Siege engines and structures represent a significant investment and their owners may not be willing to allow use by crews not familiar with that specific engine's operation.
  2. It is recommended that a member of the original crew remain with the captured engine in order to advise the new operators on any relevant safety and operational considerations. The original crew member shall not particpate n the operation of the captured engine.
  3. Engines and structures may be re-captured and the same provisions shall apply. If an original crew member is still with the engine, and it is re-captured by their original army, they may resume their role in the operation of the engine.