Destroying Siege Engines and Structures

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General Rules

  1. As siege engines can pose many risks to attacking fighters, it is strongly recommended that great caution be exercised when approaching them. Be sure to stay clear of moving parts and try to approach them from the side. When engaging engines or structures, DO NOT STRIKE THEM WITH A HANDHELD WEAPON. While these items should be constructed to withstand blows, it is dangerous to do so, as an accidental discharge of the weapon may result. Anyone found intentionally striking a siege engine or structure should be removed from the field and possibly face further disciplinary action.
  2. The proper way to destroy these weapons is to safely approach the engine or structure, lay your weapon on it, and declare "this weapon is destroyed" (as with a declared kill from behind). This shall be done in a safe and deliberate manner, not in a rush while engaged with another opponent. Siege engine crews are required to wear Lochac minimum armour and should be treated as any other fighter on the field. If they are authorised as a Heavy Combatant and have a secondary weapon, they may use it. If not, they may be killed as an unarmed or helpless opponent; if they yield, do not strike them. Active combat should not take place within 5 feet (1.52m) of an active siege engine. If this situation arises, a hold should be called and the engine declared destroyed. Siege engines and structures may also be destroyed by siege class ammunition fired from a siege engine.