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A tension-powered ballista (giant crossbow)
A two-armed, torsion-or tension-powered, arrow-or rock-throwing, direct-fire siege engine
Ballista bolt
A spear-like projectile shot from a ballista
A single-armed, torsion-or tension-powered, rock-throwing, indirect-fire siege engine.
Closed-cell foam
Stiff, resilient foam similar to sleeping pads
Direct fire
Delivery of a missile in a straight, flat trajectory directly into the target
Effect weapons
Novelty missiles, such as simulated animal parts, usually with no real damaging ability
Hardware resembling a bolt formed into a circle on the non-threaded end
Ground area covered by an engine as viewed from directly above, measured as length times width for engines with a square base and length times half the width for engines with a triangular or diamond-shaped footprint
Indirect fire
Delivery of a missile in a high, arcing trajectory ending at the target
Light-density foam
Foam weighing up to 1/2 pound per cubic foot (0.23 kilograms per 0.03 cubic meters)
A man-powered trebuchet
An engine in which the mechanical energy to launch the projectile or ammunition is supplied directly by people, pulling on ropes for example, rather than being stored mechanically (i.e. by a spring or raised counterweight) for later release.
Mechanical trigger device
A device used to hold the engine in a braced or cocked state and to activate (shoot) the weapon
Medium-density foam
Foam weighing between 1/2 and 4 pounds per cubic foot (0.23 to 1.8 kilograms per 0.03 cubic meters)
See Catapult
Open-cell foam
Light, sponge-like foam, such as upholstery or pillow foam
A man-powered trebuchet Siege engines
Siege Engines
Missile-launching devices designed to deliver missiles larger than already established small arms ammunition
Siege structures
Devices such as towers or ramps that are used to support personnel, but are not fitted with active weaponry
Specialty ammunition
Special-purpose ammunition, such as simulated flaming missiles
A gravity-or man-powered, sling-type, rock-throwing, indirect-fire siege engine
Hardware consisting of 2 eyebolts fitted to a threaded barrel, used for adjusting the length of cables
A winding device, usually geared and equipped with a ratchet
A winding device, usually consisting of a spool with double crank handles, a set of pulleys, and hooks, but not normally equipped with a ratcheting device