Siege Engine Operation

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General Rules

  1. Anyone operating a siege engine in combat will be armoured to Lochac's armour requirements. (Archers' gauntlets may be used instead of full gauntlets for hand protection.)
  2. Siege engine crews shall be made up of members who are authorised in siege and are familiar with the engine that they are operating.
  3. Siege engine crews shall inspect their engine for wear, stress, and fatigue before each battle and, if possible, during holds.
  4. During holds, siege engine crews may not cock, load, move, or in any other way make their engine ready.
  5. Siege engine crews shall immediately secure their engine should it become unsafe. They will remove the engine from the field at their earliest opportunity.
  6. Siege engine crews are responsible for the safe operation of their engine during combat. They are to make sure that crew members are clear of moving parts and that non-crew personnel are not directly in front of the engine and not within 5 feet (1.52m) of the travel path of moving parts before discharging their weapon.
  7. Siege engine crews are responsible for the safety and condition of their ammunition, and shall visually inspect each round for damage before it is fired. (Ammunition that has been inspected prior to the battle does not need to be re-inspected before it is fired, but any ammunition that has been retrieved from the field must be re-inspected. Engines will not fire ammunition that is not designed for their weapon.
  8. It is recommended that siege engine crews give verbal commands for each phase of engine operation.