Youth Armoured Combat Draft:Authorisation Requirements

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  1. When we talk about authorising, this means passing a test to show that you can understand and follow the rules, and are safe for yourself and other people on the field.
  2. You don't have to be authorised to take part in youth armoured combat training sessions, classes and practices.
  3. You must be authorised to fight in tournaments and wars.
  4. You will need to authorise again to change to the next division.
  5. To pass the test and get authorised:
    1. You will need to show the authorising marshal that you know:
      1. which parts of the body you are allowed to try to hit and what parts you aren't allowed to hit
      2. what to do if you get hit in the arm or the leg
      3. how hard you are allowed to hit your opponent. You might have to hit another fighter or a marshal, and they will say whether it was too hard or not.
    2. You will spend a few minutes play fighting with a experienced fighter showing that you know what to do.
    3. Then you will fight properly with an experienced youth fighter, including "dying" in a safe way if you are "killed".
    4. The authorising marshal is going to be watching to see if you are:
      1. hitting your oppenent hard enough, and not too hard
      2. taking hits that hit you hard enough
      3. following the rules.
    5. They will also look to see if you run away or duck too much because you are scared of your opponent trying to hit you.
  6. You don't have to be very good at fighting to pass the test. The marshal just wants to make sure that you will be safe for yourself and other people.
  7. If you are big enough and good enough, you might be able to authorise for the next division, even if you are younger, if your parent and the authorising marshal agree that you are ready.