Authorisation Requirements

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Youth combatants must authorize to fight in tournaments at SCA events. After their initial authorization, they must re-authorize at each division change. To authorise, youth combatants must be observed fighting, to verify that that they understand and follow the rules and are safe on the field.

They must be seen to:

  1. Identify the legal and illegal target areas on the body.
  2. Demonstrate losing an arm or leg.
  3. Throw a calibration blow at another, more experienced fighter, and verify that the blow used appropriate force. If another youth fighter is not available, have the authorizing fighter strike your thigh or marshal’s staff.
  4. Spend several minutes sparring with an experienced youth fighter.
  5. Fight a formal bout against an experienced youth fighter, including dying defensively if they are killed.

The authorising marshal should look for the following behaviors:

  1. Blows struck with appropriate calibration levels
  2. Acceptance of received blows of appropriate force
  3. Adherence to rules
  4. Confidence in the list; not running away from opponents or ducking in fear at incoming blows
    NB: Youth fighters do not have to be skilled to be authorized, they just need to be safe.
  5. Youth fighters may authorize up a division before they reach the listed age if parents and authorising marshal agree that they are ready, based on their skill and size.