General Conventions

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  1. These rules set fundamental standards for minors, ages 6 through 17, participating in youth martial activities in Lochac, procedures for youth combatant authorisation, and the warranting of marshals, based on the rules of the SCA.
  2. All fighters, parents, and marshals are responsible for knowing these rules to participate in Lochac.
  3. These rules are designed to promote safe youth armoured combat in the Kingdom. However, no matter how clear or accurate, rules cannot replace common sense, good judgment, and concern for the participants. If a question arises when applying these standards, choose the answer that promotes the greatest degree of safety for all participants.
  4. These rules and guidelines apply to all Youth Armoured Combat activity age divisions. Specific differences between the divisions are addressed in the appropriate sections.
  5. The basic rules for SCA armoured combat in Lochac are contained in the Armoured Combat Handbook. Those guidelines apply to Youth Armoured Combat activities unless superseded by this document.
  6. Adults watching Youth Armoured Combat activities shall act in a courteous manner toward the combatants, marshals, and other parents. Adults demonstrating inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave the Youth Armoured Combat area. This may result in their child having to withdraw from that day's activity.