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  1. Minors are defined as anyone who has not reached the age of legal majority, this is 18 years throughout Lochac
  2. The term “Parent”, as used in this document, includes the biological parents, adoptive parents, or any court appointed legal guardian.


  1. Legal requirements
    1. The Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA), being SCA Ltd in Australia and SCA NZ in New Zealand, will act in accordance with all legislation pertaining to working with children that may apply in the relevant jurisdiction.
    2. It is the responsibility of all persons participating in youth armoured combat activities to ensure that all the SCA Ltd policies in Australia and all SCANZ policies in New Zealand as well as Kingdom Law are followed.
    3. SCA Ltd policies may be found at;
    4. SCANZ policies maybe found at; and
    5. Kingdom Law may be found at
    6. Parental involvement and participation is a critical component of the youth armoured combat program.
    7. Parents must understand these are contact sports and that injuries may occur.
    8. Parents are ultimately responsible for the safety and well-being of their children and assume all risks and liabilities for any harm or medical condition arising from the youth’s participation in these activities. This legal requirement cannot be delegated to the SCA or to the marshals on the list field. The assumption of responsibility shall be signified by completion of all legal documents required by the SCA, Lochac, and owners of event sites.
    9. Minors participating in youth armoured combat activities must either have a parent, or in Australia (only) the legal guardian must formalise the appointment of the Nominated Caregiver using the "Appointment of Nominated Caregiver form" which may be found at [1]
  2. Membership
    1. Neither the parent nor the child are required to be members of the SCA to participate in youth armoured combat activities.
    2. The parent's permission to participate is required.
  3. Parental Responsibilities
    1. Youth Martial activities will NOT be used as a babysitting service.
    2. A parent or responsible adult must remain within sight and sound of the youth armoured combat list field when the child is participating if the child is under 10 years old.
    3. Parents have the right and responsibility to remove their child from any contest or activity they may deem inappropriate or hazardous.
    4. A Parent shall have witnessed youth armoured combat, or be present at the first training session, before their child may participate.
    5. Parents are required to read and understand these rules and standards and make sure that their child follows them.
    6. Parents are encouraged to become Youth Marshals.
    7. Adults watching youth armoured combat activities shall act in a courteous manner toward the combatants, marshals, and other parents.
    8. Adults demonstrating inappropriate behaviour will be asked to leave the youth armoured combat area. This may result in their child having to withdraw from that day’s activity.