Rule of the Lists and Conventions of Combat

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  1. Rules of the Lists and Conventions of Combat as listed in the "Armoured Combat Handbook" apply to Youth Combat unless superseded by a rule in this document. Conventions may be modified for a specific tournament with the full explanation of the changes given to all of the combatants.
  2. All combatants shall adhere to the minimum armour and weapons standards for their division
  3. All youth combatants shall ensure their armour and weapons are inspected by a Youth Combat Marshal prior to combat at each and every SCA–sponsored event or fighting practice.
  4. A marshal may disallow use of any weapon, or armour, deemed to be unsafe from use upon the field of combat.
  5. All combatants shall act in a courteous and chivalrous manner at all times.
  6. No one may be required to participate in combat-related activities.
  7. No weapons shall be thrown within the Lists of a tournament. The use of approved thrown weapons for melee shall conform to Lochac's Conventions of Combat.