Youth Armoured Combat Authorizations

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  1. Youth Marshals warranted and rostered to authorize youth combatants must witness the authorization and execute the proper procedures to ensure that the authorization is registered
  2. Authorizations shall be conducted in a manner appropriate for the division.
  3. At least one other Adult must witness the authorisation.
  4. All youth combatants must reauthorize when permanently changing divisions
  5. Youth are expected to practice at the next division before authorizing.
  6. Youth combatants must demonstrate their knowledge of the rules of Youth Armoured Combat.
  7. Youth combatants must demonstrate that they can safely spar with other youths.
  8. They must be able to effectively block shots.
  9. If a previously authorized combatant fails to pass an authorization for the next division, they may continue to participate in their previous division.
  10. They must be able to consistently throw shots at the appropriate level of calibration to legal target areas.