Chain of Command and Procedures for Reporting

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Marshallate Chain of Command

The Chain of Command of the marshallate in Lochac is as follows:

  • The SCAA and SCANZ Committees
  • the Society Marshal
  • the Society Marshal for the relevant martial activity
  • the Crown of Lochac
  • the Kingdom Earl Marshal
  • warranted deputies of the Kingdom Earl Marshal (the KIngdom Marshal for the relevant martial activity)
  • Group Marshal of Baronies and Shires
  • Group Marshal of subsidiary groups such as cantons and colleges
  • the Marshal-in-Charge of an event or practice
  • the Marshal-in-Charge of the field
  • Field Marshals.

As per Corpora, real-world law always takes precedence over all SCA laws.

Reporting Requirements


  1. Reporting is an important function of the marshallate. The flow of information from individual marshals through group armoured combat marshals to the Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal and Earl Marshal, and ultimately to the Society Marshal is what allows those officers to make informed decisions about the game.
  2. Reporting of incidents as required by these procedures does not constitute formal escalation, and will not be accepted as such. Incidents can be entirely and satisfactorily resolved at a lower level of the marshallate, but must still be reported to the Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal and above. If formal escalation of any incident is required it must be done in accordance with the procedures set out in Sanctions and Appeals
  3. Failure to report as required may be grounds for actions such the removal of a group marshal, or the suspension of a marshal's marshallate authorisation.
  4. Failure to report on injuries or disciplinary incidents may be grounds for suspension of authorisations or further sanctions.
  5. Reports are to be submitted electronically.

Injury Reporting

Injury reporting procedures are set out in Managing Injuries.

Reporting Dates

  1. Group marshals of stand-alone groups must report to the Kingdom Armoured Marshal quarterly between the 1st and 15th of February, May, August and November.
  2. Canton and college group marshals must report to the knight marshal of their parent group six-monthly between the 1st and 15th of April and October.
  3. The dates on which officers, including marshals, shall report are set out in Lochac Kingdom Law. The laws of Lochac can be found on the Kingdom Seneschal's website at . All marshals who are required to report on a regular basis should familiarise themselves with the schedule set out in those laws. In the event of discrepancies between Kingdom Law and this document, Kingdom Law takes precedence.

Marshal-in-Charge of an event or practice

  1. Other than reports of suspension of authorisation per Suspension of authorisations or serious injury reports as outlined in Reporting Injuries, reports should be supplied to the group marshal of the group sponsoring the event within 30 days of the date of the event.
  2. Reports must note any incidents where:
  • Someone was injured (refer to Managing Injuries); or
  • A fighter or marshal had to be disciplined; or
  • Disputes occurred over understanding of rules, acceptability of equipment, or personal conduct which did not require disciplinary action.
  1. In the event that an incident occurs, a brief report should be gathered from all involved, including other marshals on the field, chirurgeons etc. These reports should be noted in writing and taken as soon as practical after the incident.

Group Marshal of a Branch

  1. Reports from Baronial or Shire Group Armoured Combat Marshal of groups who have subsidiary branches, including colleges and cantons should include a summary of the armoured combat reports received from the Group Armoured Combat Marshal of the subsidiary group(s).
  2. Reports should contain a brief summary of the state of armoured combat in the group and details of any incidents or injuries incurred at official events or practices.

In addition to the regular reports, Knights Marshal of groups must provide any additional reports asked for by the Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal.

Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal

  1. The Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal reports to the Kingdom Earl Marshal, and Society Marshal for Armored Combat quarterly.
  2. The report should contain a summary of the state of armoured combat in the Kingdom, and details of any incidents, injuries or sanctions that occurred during the quarter.

Kingdom Earl Marshal

The Kingdom Earl Marshal must report to the Crown of Lochac, Lochac Kingdom Seneschal and the Society Marshal quarterly as required by Kingdom Law. The report of the Kingdom Earl Marshal shall contain:

  1. a summary of the state of all combat-related activities in the kingdom; and
  2. a summary of the current authorisations in the kingdom; and
  3. details of any sanctions and disciplinary actions with a span greater than a single event; and
  4. a summary of all injuries reported in that quarter; and
  5. a summary of all test programmes underway or completed in that quarter.