Combat Authorisation Requirements

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  1. Everyone who wishes to participate in armoured combat in Lochac must have an appropriate authorisation. Armoured combat includes:
    • armoured combat using melee weapons
    • combat archery
    • marshalling
    • banner-bearing in combat
  2. To become authorised or renew an authorisation, candidates must complete an authorisation test which shows that they can:
    1. Demonstrate familiarity with, and the ability to apply, the following:
    2. Demonstrate familiarity with, and ability to reference
    3. Demonstrate the ability to function on the field in a manner that is safe both to themselves and to other participants on the field.
    The requirement to demonstrate ability means there must be a practical component to all authorisation tests.
  3. Within the field of armoured combat in Lochac there are separate authorisations for the following activities:
    1. Participant authorisation classes:
      • Armoured combat - allows the participant to engage in armoured combat with melee weapons and to take the field as plumed combatant or plumed auxiliary.
      • Plumed participant - allows the participant to take the field as an unarmed plumed auxiliary, or as a plumed combatant when combined with a weapon authorisation such as thrown weapon, combat archery or siege engine.
    2. Weapon-form specific authorisations. Fibreglass spear requires a prior armoured combat authorisation, all others require either a prior armoured combat authorisation or a prior plumed participant authorisation:
      • Fibreglass spear
      • Thrown weapon
      • Combat archery
      • Siege engine
  4. The following marshal authorisations also apply:
    • Assistant marshal
    • Marshal
    • Siege marshal
    • Senior marshal
  5. Only a senior marshal authorised and rostered in Lochac can perform an authorisation, though siege marshals may perform siege engine authorisations. The authorising marshal must be a current member of the SCA or one of its affiliates. This authorising marshal must witness the authorisation and must fill in the relevant parts of the authorisation form.
  6. The applicant must make sure the completed authorisation is registered with the Kingdom Lists Officer within three months of the authorisation taking place.
  7. A copy of the authorisation paperwork may be used in lieu of an authorisation card for a period of up to three months from the date of the authorisation for all roles except senior marshal. Senior marshals must receive their valid authorisation card before they can perform an authorisation.
  8. Authorisation paperwork will expire three months from the date of the authorisation test. Expired authorisation paperwork will not be processed by the Kingdom Lists Officer.
  9. The Kingdom Lists Officer, or their appointed deputy, issues combat authorisation cards.
  10. Authorisation cards must include the name of the authorising senior marshal(s).
  11. Authorisations will be valid for a period of up to four years for adults and two years for minors.
  12. Authorisations should not be issued to persons residing in other kingdoms.
  13. Valid authorisation cards from other kingdoms will be accepted as proof of authorisation. To renew in Lochac, the candidate must complete a Lochac authorisation.
  14. A rostered marshal in Lochac may revoke the authorisation card of a fighter in Lochac (even if they are an overseas visitor) for just and stated cause.

Age restrictions

  1. The following age restrictions apply to combat-related activities:
    1. No person below the age of 18 may be authorised as a marshal.
    2. No person below the age of 16 may be authorised as a combatant or participant.
    3. No person below the age of 14 may be involved in or train for armoured combat at SCA events, including swinging a melee weapon at a pell at training events. They may use boffer weapons.

Minor authorisation

  1. Minors aged 16 and 17 may authorise with these additional requirements:
    1. The parent(s) or guardian(s) of the minor (not a Nominated Caregiver) must witness SCA combat, discuss with the authorising senior marshal how it relates to the participation of their child.
    2. Only the Earl Marshal, Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal, or a senior marshal with specific written permission from the Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal to conduct minor authorisations, may authorise minors for armoured combat activities.
    3. Two senior marshals must be involved to authorise a minor. One of the senior marshals needs to contact the Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal and discuss the authorisation before it happens. Each authorisation is considered by the Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal on a case-by-case basis.
  2. At any event in which the minor is involved in armoured combat, the minor must have either a parent or guardian, or Nominated Caregiver present at the event.
  3. Authorisation cards issued to minors will have "MINOR" clearly printed across the face of the card.