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  1. These are the rules for Fencing Combat in the Kingdom of Lochac.
  2. All combatants and marshals are responsible for knowing these rules, as well as the Rules of the List, and the Society Fencing Combat rules:
  3. These rules are designed to promote safe Fencing Combat. No matter how clear or accurate, rules cannot replace common sense, good judgement, and concern for the participants. If a question arises when applying these Rules, marshals and fencers should choose the answer that provides the safest approach for all participants.
  4. These rules may be subject to change to clarify requirements, reflect changes in Australian or New Zealand law, or to address other situations that might arise.
    1. Formal announcements about these rules will be made through the Lochac Fencers email list:; and will also be posted on the Lochac Rapier Facebook page:
    2. All fencers and marshals should make sure they keep up with these announcements.