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  1. Participation in Lochac youth armoured combat is in three divisions, based on age, with different calibration, armour, and weapon standards.
    The age ranges are:
    *Division 1 : Ages 6-9
    *Division 2: Ages 10-13
    *Division 3: Ages 14-17
    1. The listed age range for each division is not absolute. The Marshallate recognizes that some youth will be very small or very large for their age, and that some will mature earlier or later than others.
    2. Younger combatants may be moved to a higher division or older combatants may be allowed to remain in a lower division, on a case-by-case basis, at the request of the parent and with the approval of the marshals.
  2. As there often may be a small number of youth combatants at an event or practice, combatants may fight others in another division with the following provisions:
    1. Permission of the combatant’s parent or responsible adult.
    2. Permission of the youth armoured combat Marshal-in-Charge.
    3. Older combatants must fight to the weapon standards, calibration, and rules of the younger combatants being fought (e.g. Division 2 combatants may fight a Division 1 combatant at Division 1 calibration with Division 1 weapons).
  3. Minors may continue to fully participate in youth armoured combat while training for adult combat.
  4. Society rules allow a minor, aged at least 16, to authorize in adult armored combat. When minors become authorized in adult Heavy Combat, they will be deemed to have graduated from youth armoured combat and are not eligible to participate in Youth Combat tournaments, except as bye fighters (i.e. not eligible for prizes). They may still participate in youth armoured combat training activities and are encouraged to become youth armoured combat Marshals and/or youth armoured combat Sparring Partners. Parents may always spar with their own children. See Adult Training of Youth at Official SCA Activities for more information.