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Consultation – proposal to extend the Bullying & Harassment Policy pilot period

The committee has received a suggestion to leave the policy in pilot phase for a longer period – preferably until a bullying or harassment complaint has been processed using the new policy - and now seeks feedback on that proposal.

Full details are available by clicking the title above.

Background to the Bullying & Harassment Policy Announcement

Recently the Kingdom of Lochac has had both a Baroness resign, citing bullying and harassment (B&H) as the reason for stepping down, and an entire group of 40+ members has been lost due to B&H. The Kingdom Seneschal has been receiving numerous complaints about B&H, on a near daily basis, and handling these complaints without clear policy has been difficult.

This document provides further information regarding the process followed by the SCAA and SCANZ committees in the release of the B&H policy as a pilot.

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