Authorising as a Target Archery Marshal

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To become an authorised Target Archery Marshal

  1. You need be a subscribing member of the SCA (or one of its affiliates), not just an event member. Your Target Archery Marshal authorisation (and any other Marshal authorisation you may hold) is only valid while you maintain your membership.
  2. You need to be over the age of 18 years
  3. You need to fill out the authorisation form, or get someone to fill it out for you if you can't.
  4. Another authorised Target Archery Marshal must make sure that you can:
    • Demonstrate that you are familiar with current SCA and Lochac's target archery and thrown weapon conventions and rules
    • Demonstrate that you can set-up and safely run an archery shoot and thrown weapon activity.
    • Inspect equipment as required for safety and compliance with Lochac's rules
  5. The authorising Target Archery Marshal needs to send your paperwork to the Kingdom Lists Officer within three months of the authorisation taking place. Expired authorisation paperwork will not be processed
  6. A copy of your authorisation paperwork may be used instead of your authorisation card for up to three months from the date of the authorisation, while you wait for your card.

To renew your authorisation as a Target Archery Marshal

  1. You must renew your authorisation at least every four years.
  2. If your authorisation has expired in the last 4 weeks, your authorisation can be renewed rather than needing to be done as a new authorisation.
  3. At the discretion of the marshal performing the renewal, your recent Target Archery Marshal activity can be counted as demonstrating marshalling ability; setting up and running a session purely for renewal purposes doesn't need to happen.
  4. The authorising Target Archery Marshal needs be satisfied that you are aware of any changes which have happened in the rules since your last authorisation or renewal.