Basic Rules

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These are the basic rules for participating in target archery or thrown weapons activities.

  1. If you are watching or taking part in archery and thrown weapons activities, you must follow the safety and competition instructions of the Target Archery Marshal(s) running the shoot. If you won't or can't, then you can be asked to leave.
  2. Make sure that you listen to and understand the rules of the competition before you start - e.g. any safety instructions, which target to use, how many arrows etc to use, whether you can take your time, or if there is a time limit, what to do if you drop an arrow, etc. If you are not sure, ask.
  3. You can't participate if you're under the influence of drugs or alcohol or excessively tired. If you aren't fit to drive, you aren't fit to shoot.
  4. Archery equipment and throwing weapons can be dangerous. Handle with care.
  5. Don't handle other people's equipment without their permission, including retrieving their arrows.
  6. Wait for instructions from the Target Archery Marshal before you approach the shooting/throwing line, otherwise stay at least three metres behind the shooting/throwing line.
  7. You must wait until the Target Archery Marshal says you can go ahead before you loose any arrows, or throw any weapons.
  8. Just before you throw a weapon, look behind to make sure that there is no one behind you.
  9. Don't stand or walk behind someone who is throwing weapons. Stay at least three metres back.
  10. If you are using a crossbow with a stirrup, remove your foot from the stirrup before loading a bolt.
  11. Don't point a crossbow in any direction other than the ground or the target while it's loaded or you are loading a bolt. Don't point crossbows at people, even if it isn't loaded.
  12. Don't nock or loose an arrow or bolt, or throw a weapon while anyone is forward of the shooting line.
  13. If you see a safety problem on the range, call "Hold!".
  14. If anyone calls "Hold!", do not shoot! Lower your bow or weapon, carefully remove your arrows or bolt from your weapon, and wait for the Target Archery Marshal to tell you what to do.
  15. When you have finished, lower your bow or any weapons in hand, step back from the line, and wait for the Target Archery Marshal to tell you what to do.
  16. You must not go forward of the shooting line while others are shooting, and you must wait until you are told to go and collect your arrows or thrown weapons.
  17. Put your bow down somewhere safe before going to collect your arrows.
  18. Make sure you don't poke anyone with the nock end of your arrow or bolt, or your weapon when removing it from the target or ground.