Process for drafting through to publication as a rules change

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  1. Use the Draft namespace - eg Rapier_Draft:... to draft the new version of the page.
  2. Highlight changed text with highlighting - check the edit version of this page to see the proper code you need to use. span class="revision", and close the span after the end of the text you've edited.
  3. Update the Draft Change Log page as you go, so you know what you have changed and why.
  4. When you are happy with your changes, the Draft PDF link will gather all the pages labelled draft together as a pdf.
  5. Email the draft pdf to be approved according to the procedures to change the rules
  6. Establish when the rules will go live - when will they be announced in court?
  7. Once you have approvals, copy each updated page (some sections may not need to be updated at all) from the typeytypyedraft page to the live version of the page (don't forget to take draft out of the category). Include the approval in the change summary field before you hit Save Changes.
  8. Update the Notes page for that section to tell people about what changed and why.
  9. Once you have included all the changes in the live pages, got to the Title page for your handbook, and update the version number.
  10. Let your people know (again) that the changes are now live.