Behaviour on the Field

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  1. All combatants shall obey these rules and the commands of the marshals overseeing the field, or they will be removed from the field and may be subject to subsequent disciplinary action. Where this occurs details of this must be included in the activity rapier report.
  2. Disagreements with the marshals overseeing the field shall be resolved in accordance with section 5.3.3
  3. Combatants are responsible for maintaining control over their temper and behaviour at all times.
  4. Striking an opponent with excessive force, or with deliberate intent to injure, is forbidden and may result in disciplinary action.
  5. Upon hearing the call of "HOLD" all fighting shall immediately stop. The combatants shall freeze, check for hazards in their immediate vicinity, and then assume a non-threatening position with their weapons pointed away from their opponents.
  6. Conduct considered to obstruct normal rapier combat, such as consistent ignoring of blows, deliberate misuse of the rules (such as calling HOLD whenever pressed), or the like, is forbidden.
  7. The use of Fleche (running at an opponent with rapier extended), running, hopping or similar uncontrolled actions are prohibited.
  8. A combatant may decline any challenge without dishonour, and without specifying a reason. In a tournament, this may result in forfeiture of a bout. (See also rule
  9. Combatants may engage only when the marshal who is supervising the bout has received verbal acknowledgement from each combatant, and has instructed them to begin.
  10. All issues must be resolved on the field, or noted to the marshal for later resolution if delay is necessary.
  11. No person shall enter the lists or participate in any form of SCA combat related activity including marshalling while in a mentally impaired state, including impairment by injury such as concussion or impairment by alcohol, or drugs including but not limited to:
    • drugs prescribed by a licensed health care provider;
    • over the counter medications
    • illegal or controlled substances.
    If you are not legally fit to drive, you are not fit to fight!
  12. BLOOD RULE: Any combatant who has an injury involving bleeding must leave the field immediately and may not return until the wound has been cleaned and covered by an occlusive dressing. Any weapons, equipment or clothing that has visible blood upon it must be removed from play or sufficiently cleaned to remove the blood before returning to play.