Youth Armoured Combat Draft:Introduction/ Overview

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Mission & Goals

Youth armoured combat provides a fun environment where the youth of the SCA can participate in a martial activity, mirroring adult armoured combat at a fun level for their age. The goal is to show and learn the ideals of chivalry, honour, courtesy, service, and heraldic pageantry, both on and off the list field.

The programme stresses fair play and parental participation. It is designed to allow the youth to learn more about all aspects of the Society and above all - HAVE FUN!


  1. These rules cover the different divisions of youth armoured combat in Lochac. They incorporate the requirements from the SCA at Society level and apply additional standards and restrictions for Lochac.
  2. Youth armoured combat is for minors, ages 6 through 17.
  3. The rules include procedures and requirements for authorising:
    • youth armoured combatants
    • sparring partners
    • youth armoured combat marshals
    • youth armoured combat authorising marshals
  4. All youth fighters, parents and nominated caregivers, and marshals are responsible for knowing these rules to participate.
  5. No matter how clear or accurate, rules cannot replace common sense, good judgment and concern for the participants. If there is a question when applying these rules, choose the answer that is safest for everyone.


  1. When we say "minor", we mean anyone who has not reached the age of legal majority, this is 18 years old throughout Lochac.
  2. When we say "child" or "youth", we mean minor participants.
  3. When we say "parent", we include biological parents, and court-appointed legal guardians, such as adoptive parents.
  4. When we say "nominated caregiver", we mean a person listed on the Australian "Transfer of guardianship/Nomination of caregiver" form, or the New Zealand "Minor's sign-in sheet" as being responsible for the minor for the event.
  5. When we say "marshal", we mean a youth armoured combat marshal, not an adult armoured combat marshal or a fencing marshal, or a marshal for any other kind of SCA activity.
  6. When we say "rostered marshal", we mean an adult subscribing member of the SCA or its affiliates who is authorised as a youth armoured combat marshal. In Australia, this person will also hold a current Working with Children Check, or equivalent.