Youth Armoured Combat Draft:The Use of Weapons and Shields

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The Use of Weapons

  1. You can only used a weapon in the way it is designed. For example, spears can only be used for thrusting, axes for striking along the edge of the blade, maces for striking with the head, etc.
  2. You can only use a weapon for thrusting if it has been approved for thrusting.
  3. If you are going to use a thrusting weapon in a fight, you need to show the marshals and your opponent before the fight begins.
  4. You are not allowed to grab or block your opponent's weapon with your hands or limbs.
  5. If you deliberately put an illegal target (e.g., your hand and or lower leg, including the knee and foot) in the way of a blow, you lose the use of that arm or leg as if it had been hit in a legal area.
    1. If you accidentally get your hand in the way while you're trying to block with your weapon, you won't lose the use of it.

The Use of Shields

  1. If you have a shield, you must control it with your hand. If your shield isn't being controlled by your hand, then it just counts as decorative armour, so if you get hit on it, you need to take the blows as if the shield wasn't there.
  2. You are not allowed to try to hit your opponent with your shield.