The use of weapons and shields

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The Use of Weapons

  1. Weapons must be used according to their design. For example, spears can only be used for thrusting, axes for striking along the edge of the blade, maces for striking with the head, etc.
  2. Only weapons approved for thrusting are allowed to be used for that purpose.
  3. Before any bout where a thrusting weapon is used, the opponent and marshals must be informed that such a weapon is on the field, and the thrusting tip must be shown to the opponent.
  4. The striking surface of a weapon in motion must not be grasped or blocked by the hands or limbs as a means of impeding a blow.
  5. If a combatant intentionally places an illegal target area (e.g., an empty hand and or lower leg, including the knee and foot) in the path of a blow, the combatant forfeits that attached limb as if it had been struck in a legal target area.
    1. Inadvertently bringing the hands in contact with the striking surface of a weapon in motion, as when attempting to block a blow with another weapon will not be considered to be in violation of this convention.

The Use of Shields

  1. Shields must be controlled by the hand. Shields not controlled by the hand will be treated as decorative armour and subject to effective blow acknowledgment.
  2. Shields must not be used for striking an opponent