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This is the web site of SCANZ, the New Zealand arm of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international group dedicated to the research and recreation of pre-1600 medieval and renaissance Europe. SCANZ is the umbrella organisation which provides membership and insurance for SCA branches around the country - you'll find most of the information about what we do on the branch webpages.

There are active SCA groups across New Zealand, running feasts, tournaments and camping events.

To see what's going on in your area, check out:

A good introduction to what the SCA is and what we do can be found at The Online SCA Demo. If you are an existing member you can go to the membership page to download the latest issue of our newsletter, Pegasus.

2020 AGM - call for business and nominations

To all members of SCA NZ Inc,

Let it be known that this society's AGM will take place on 5 December.  As in past years, voting on the business will be postal. The meeting will be supervised by our Registrar, with votes for the items of business being counted and attested by two returning officers who are members.

If you have business that you wish to have considered at this meeting, please send it to the SCA NZ Secretary at secretary@sca.org.nz no later than 7 November.

Secondly, the committee term of James Glover is due to end in November. The remaining committee members are Richard Dagger and James Piesse, Accordingly we are seeking replacement.. Currently, there is one nominee, Fiona Wilson (Lady Fior Vespucci). If anyone else would like to put their name forward, please do so by 7 November. In the event there is only one nominee, that nominee will join the committee on 8 November.. If an election is required, it will be one of the voting items for the AGM.

If you have questions of comments about this, please direct these to the committee at committee@sca.org.nz

Richard Dagger

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