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Documents and Publications

Here you can find the organisational documents and publications of SCANZ.

Useful Forms

Rules of the Society

Certificate of Incorporation 


Affiliation Agreements

We have two affiliation agreements, one with the SCA Inc. USA that allows us to license the marks and IP associated with the SCA game and one with the SCAA that defines the relationship between the two organisations so that the game can be kept consistent within the kingdom of Lochac.


Past Affiliation Agreements


Policies of SCANZ

These are the policy documents in which the policies of SCANZ are set out. The policies cover areas which are not covered by the Rules of the SCA New Zealand, Inc., by Corpora or by the policies of the SCA, Inc.

Comments on policies are welcomed, and can be sent to 

Policies Under Consultation

Documents From General Meetings of the Society

Tax Documents

Documents relating to the SCANZ, Inc's status as a tax-exempt non-profit incorporated society.

Insurance Documents

The following two documents detail the actual policies themselves, but are out of date in terms of representing our coverage. For coverage certificates, use the documents above.

Publications of the SCA, Inc in the US and the SCA Ltd, in Australia

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