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Announcement Regarding the SCA, Inc. US Lawsuit

The Board of SCA Ltd (Australia) and Committee of SCA NZ Inc. (New Zealand) are aware of the lawsuit settlement just negotiated by SCA Inc. (US). The SCA Inc. (US) have to make financial settlement within 40 days from today. They have urgently asked the North American Kingdoms for a contribution amounting to approximately 18% of all their cash financial resources, including those of local groups.

There is a possibility that this will be subsequently reimbursed if a current action against their insurance company succeeds. SCA Ltd (Australia), SCA NZ and other overseas affiliates have not been asked to contribute and are not legally liable for any payment. However, the SCA Ltd (Australia) Board and SCA NZ Committee will be discussing what actions to take in the very near future.

Your views on this matter will be sought, possibly by semi-formal means such as an online poll. In the meantime, informed discussion is welcome. Please see the SCA Inc. (US) announcement and FAQ which is linked from

A copy of this announcement will be available on the SCA Ltd (Australia) and SCANZ webpages.

Shaun Gilmore: Chair SCANZ Inc

Andrew Ross-Gowan: Chair SCA (AU) Ltd