Event Membership

In order to meet various legal and insurance requirements, SCANZ has a policy that non-members must sign in to events and be granted an Event Membership, valid for the duration of the event. At some events this will attract a cost of $2.

Regardless of whether or not the event attracts this charge, the sign-in form must be filled out by any individual entering a controlled area, for example a private event site, or the tourney-field in a public park. Event Stewards are the people who manage this.

A copy of the sign-in sheet can be found here [PDF].

Event Membership charge

Every person 18 years or older attending an SCA event who is not a Subscribing Member of SCANZ or one of its affiliated bodies will be charged an event fee, which is currently set at $2. The term "SCA event" means any in-garb event meeting the requirements of Corpora II.A. It excludes regular activities such as monthly or weekly fighter practices, group business meetings, informal classes, etc, as per Corpora II.B.

If an event does not normally have a fee, then this event fee does not have to be collected. If you are not sure whether an activity is an "event" according to this definition, then contact the SCA NZ Inc Committee at committee@sca.org.nz, who will decide the matter.

At the end of every quarter (September, December, March, June), the event fees collected by the local group shall be remitted to the SCANZ Treasurer. Sign-in sheets carrying the details of all people who signed into events during the quarter must be retained by the group Reeve for three years, and forwarded to the Treasurer on request.


Events run by Colleges (University-affiliated) groups do not collect SCANZ Event Membership fees, but sign-in sheets still need to be filled in and kept.