The SCA NZ Inc. Committee

The committee is responsible for the mundane administration of the society in New Zealand. This includes such things as setting policy, membership structure and costs, insurance and such mundane issues as affect the SCA in New Zealand. The committee is purely a mundane body and with the exception of certain membership issues does not mandate "in-game" issues which are covered by kingdom law.

Committee meetings

Committee meetings are normally held virtually (online)  typically on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of the month at 7:30pm. Actual dates and times may vary at the discretion of the Committee members to avoid events or other commitments. Keep an eye on the Agenda announcements posted to the SCANZ Facebook Page and LochacAnnounce email list for the date/time of the next meeting.

Non-confidential portions of the SCANZ Committee meetings are open for others to observe. Please note that only the Executive (committee members, the registrar, treasurer and Kingdom Seneschal) shall have speaking rights. The Chair may vary this and invite others to speak. This will typically be reserved for:

• Those that have direct expertise or experience relevant to the topic

• Those that have been invited prior to the meeting to speak to the topic

• Those that have requested in writing prior to the meeting to speak to the topic

Online meetings are conducted using Discord. See the Agenda announcement for a link to the Discord server. These links expire periodically so if you are unable to connect please contact a committee member for an updated link. When you join the server you will be muted unless you are invited to speak.

Contacting the Committee

The preferred way to contact the committee is via email to

Committee Announcements

Announcements from the Committee will be made via the LochacAnnounce email list and also on an official Facebook page (under construction as at 20/1/2022). 

Details for joining the LochacAnnounce email list are available from

Roster of Committee Members of the SCA NZ Inc.

The committee of the SCANZ is comprised of three members, each serving a three-year term. The terms are staggered so that only one committee member changes each year, providing continuity to the committee. In addition to the committee members there are two corporate officers; a treasurer and a registrar. The committee may be reached via email.

Current Members of the Committee

Name Position Term ends
Josie Welch Chair AGM 2025
Richard Goodwin Vice Chair AGM 2024
Jacqui Macgregor-Pahl Secretary AGM 2026


Corporate Officers of the SCA NZ Inc.

Name Position Address
Elizabeth Kent Registrar  Flat 2, 6 Cheviot St, Spreydon, Christchurch
Jasmine Fuller Treasurer  

Joining the Committee

The normal term of a committee member is three years.  Any willing member of the SCANZ may nominate themselves by emailing the committee.  A new committee member is required every November.


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