Membership of the SCA NZ

You do not have to be a member of the SCA to take part in our activities. However, some events may incur a small fee for non-members in addition to any site fees, in order to assist with administrative costs of the Society. These are detailed in the section on event membership below.

While membership is not compulsory in order to participate, we do encourage regular participants to become members to assist with the running of the Society, provision of insurance and infrastructure and affiliation to the worldwide SCA. We have attempted to keep the cost of membership down in order to make membership affordable for as many people as possible.

Joining the SCA

You can join or renew your membership by using this online form or by filling out and mailing a downloadable membership form [PDF].

Types of membership

There are two classes of membership available: Subscribing Memberships and Event Memberships, which confer different privileges. Subscribing Memberships can be bought for one year or three years, with a good discount applying to the latter. Note that only Subscribing Memberships provide full rights to participation in the Society, including voting, entering Crown Tournaments or holding an office. If you travel, Subscribing Memberships also give you affiliate membership status with SCA groups overseas, e.g. in Australia, the US and Europe.

Membership types available from the SCA NZ
Membership TypeCost (NZD)Pegasus SubscriptionCan Hold Kingdom Office?Can Hold Local Office?
Subscribing (electronic)$15/year or $30/3 yearYesYesYes
Event Membership$2 (one event only)NoNoNo
Subscribing membership with electronic Pegasus : $15 for one year, $30 for three years
Grants membership of the SCA and a subscription to the electronic edition of the Lochac Kingdom newsletter, Pegasus. You will receive login details to download each monthly copy of the electronic (PDF) Pegasus.
Event membership : $2 for one event
Event membership is for all non-members attending SCA events in New Zealand. This membership lasts for the duration of an event, even if the event spans more than one day. Details of the types of events that attract a event membership charge can be found here. Even at events that do not attract a charge for event memberships, the relevant paperwork must be filled out before you enter any controlled area, e.g. a private site, or a tourney-field in a park. 

A reminder - here's the online membership form and here's the printable membership form [PDF]. If you have any questions about memberships, please contact the Registrar.

Subscribing to Other SCA Publications

Subscriptions to other SCA Publications such as Tournaments Illuminated, The Compleat Anachronist and Kingdom newsletters for Kingdoms other than Lochac are not available from the SCANZ Registrar. Instead you should contact the SCA, Inc. stock clerk directly by phoning +1-408-263-9305 (note, this is a US number), or in writing at the address below:

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
P.O. Box 360789 Milpitas, CA

If you plan to phone, the office hours in Milpitas (near San Francisco) are Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm Pacific time -- check the current time there.