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The 2012 version of the Kingdom of Lochac Target Archery Handbook has been substantively changed for the 2018 revision.

The rule set has been recreated from the Society Target Archery Marshal's Handbook (October 2016) and Society Thrown Weapons Marshal's Handbook (October 2016), rewritten into Plain English, and then reordered to make it a more practical format for participants, and then had Lochac-specific content added.

Future changes will be tracked by the Change Log

Section 1 - Marshals

Moved to Chapter 4 - Officers, and updated to match Kingdom Law.

The Kingdom Deputy Marshal for Light Combat isn't a role that exists. It's the Deputy Earl Marshal for Archery who is the officer.

Warranting Target Archery Marshals - this process is about authorisations and meeting membership requirements. We don't issue warrants for Target Archery Marshals, they are rostered. If you have a current Target Archery Marshal authorisation and a current membership with SCA Inc or its affiliates, then you are a rostered Target Archery Marshal.

Section 2 - Range rules

2.2 - One marshal can safely supervise 10-15 archers. When there are more archers, several marshals are required or the archers shall be divided into smaller groups.
Explicit numbers aren't required. This is covered by the protocol of not allowing more archers on a line than you and your assistants can reasonably and safely supervise.
2.3 - Marshals may not shoot or be involved with any other activity while supervising a shoot unless there is another TAM present who can supervise the line.
This rule has been removed, and is replaced by the protocol of appointing an experienced archer to supervise the line for the Target Archery Marshal while they shoot. The Target Archery Marshal still holds responsibility for the line. The equivalent of this is all heavy or rapier combatants being able to act as Auxilliary Marshals.
2.5 - Participants in Target archery must be in suitable physical and mental condition. This means not drunk, excessively tired or otherwise impaired in their judgment.
This is covered by the Basic Rule that you can’t participate if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you aren't fit to drive, you aren't fit to shoot! This matches the Society Target Archery rules
2.6-2.9 - Minors may participate in archery with certain restrictions
2.7. Minors 12 years and older may participate in bow activities without parental supervision. Minors under the age of 12 must have a parent or legal guardian on the archery line within arm’s reach.
2.8. Minors 12 years and older may participate in thrown weapons activities as long as a parent or legal guardian is on the archery line within arm’s reach. Minors under 12 may not participate in thrown weapons activities.
2.9. Adults supervising a minor at the archery line may not be involved in any other activity at the same time.
These rules were in response to a single incident where a minor shot their own parent. Modern archery clubs with child archers do not include rules this restrictive, and the Range safety protocols include having enough supervision to deal with the experience of the archers (regardless of age). There haven't been any further occurrences involving minors.
2.10 - Safety Rules
Safety rules are all covered in the Basic Rules.
2.11 - General Conduct
Conduct rules are all covered in the Basic Rules.
2.12 Shooting
2.12.3 For timed shoots the following procedure shall be followed
a. The marshal states the range and amount of time allowed for the shot and inquires whether the archers are ready.
b. Archers are allowed to start with one arrow nocked and drawn.
c. When the archers are ready, the Marshal calls ‘Draw, aim, loose’ or similar. The timed interval begins after the word loose.
d. A mid-way reminder may be given in seconds (e.g. 15 seconds).
e. Five seconds before the end of the interval, the marshal starts counting down the remaining seconds, ending with the command ‘HOLD’. This marks the end of the timed interval.
The Target Archery Marshal will describe how the shoot is going to go as part of the required briefing for the shoot. They can explain this in any words they like. How archers will start their round will depend entirely on the competition, and how the Target Archery Marshal wants it to work.
2.13 Scoring and retrieving
Scoring and retrieving rules are all covered by the Basic Rules

Section 3 - Range Layout

3.2 All spectators shall remain a minimum of 5 meters behind the shooting line and shall refrain from interfering with the archers or marshals. Nobody may stand directly behind a person throwing weapons.
Society Target Archery rules use 10 feet which is about 3 metres. Three metres is used in the Basic Rules
3.3 The Line is generally perpendicular to the target area. It must be clearly marked and not a tripping hazard. Only active archers may approach the line, no spectators. Archers will straddle the line with one foot in front and one behind the line. For thrown weapons, the line is the forward limit for the thrower who stands completely behind the line.
Range set-up is covered in Range Set-Up. The rule about archers straddling the line is often ignored, and many will toe the line instead. Society Target Archery rules allow for either. The Target Archery Marshal-in-charge can choose which they use for their event, and should brief archers on that, so everyone lines up the same.


Inspection guidelines have been included as an appendix.

Spearheads should not exceed 40 cm in length and 1 kg in weight.
Maximum weights and lengths are not included in the Society Thrown Weapons Marshal's Handbook (October 2016), so none are applied in Lochac. Mundane law may place limits, but this has not been investigated.
Knives should have a sharp point but dull edges. The handles/hilt must be securely fastened so that it won't fly loose on impact.
Many knives used for throwing have another purpose as a knife for cutting, so requiring dull edges would render a perfectly good knife useless. The handle being firmly attached is already in the main rules.