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This document is a version of the Society Target Archery Marshal's Handbook (October 2016) rules, and the Thrown Weapons Marshal's Handbook (October 2016) written in plain English, according to the New Zealand Government Style Guide for government agencies, and in line with plainenglish.gov in the US. Content specific to Lochac has been incorporated.

Our archers, throwers and marshals shouldn't need a tertiary degree to understand the rules and how to participate.

Put simply, plain English makes following the rules easier.

This handbook has been ordered so that you can easily find information on how to take part.

Yours in Service,

Angele de Savigny, Deputy Earl Marshal for Archery – Lochac (2014-2018).

A pdf version of this handbook can be downloaded here. The pdf from that link will have the date you generated it on the bottom right corner of the pages, so you will know how up-to-date your hard copy or file of the rules is. The pdf generated will always contain the rules which are currently in force at the time you click the link.


  1. Basic rules
  2. Equipment standards
  3. Range safety
  4. Officers
  5. Authorising as a Target Archery Marshal


  1. Suggested range dimensions
  2. Suggested period equipment standards
  3. Equipment inspection guidelines
  4. Crossbow legislation
  5. Briefing format

Change Log

Changes from 2012-June 2018 edition