Armoured Combat Handbook

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Rule changes 13 April 2022

  • On April 13th, after announcement by the Crown, changes to the Armoured Combat Fighter's Handbook and Marshal's Handbook come into effect.
  • All combatants and marshals must read, understand and apply these rules, and look through the change log to see what is different.
- Sir Eva Von Danzig, Armoured Combat Deputy to the Earl Marshal

Fighters' Handbook

PDF version of the Armoured Combat Fighters' Handbook

  1. Classes of Participant and Combat
  2. Combat Authorisation Requirements
  3. Rules of the Lists
  4. Conventions of Combat
  5. The Use of Weapons and Shields
  6. Target Areas and Acknowledgement of Blows
  7. Armour Requirements
  8. Melee Weapon Standards
  9. Throwing Weapon Standards
  10. Missile Weapon Standards
  11. Grievances and Sanctions
  12. Procedures for Changes to These Rules
  13. Glossary
  14. Change Log
  15. Previous Change Logs
  16. Changes from 2009 edition to 2019

Marshals' Handbook

PDF version of the Armoured Combat Marshals' Handbook

  1. Introduction
  2. Structure of the Marshallate
  3. Authorisation of Marshals
  4. Inspecting Equipment
  5. Marshalling Combat
  6. Combat Injury Procedures
  7. Experimental Weapons and Materials Procedures
  8. Chain of Command and Procedures for Reporting
  9. Sanctions and Appeals
  10. Changing These Rules
  11. Marshals' Handbook Change Log



This document is a a very lightly edited import of the Society siege rules.

Some sections are present in the Lochac Marshals or Fighters handbook; these sections contain cross-references to the existing sections. We have not audited these existing rules to make sure they comply with the current Society siege rules - this remains to be done.


  1. Marshalling and Authorisation
  2. SCA Siege Engines and Structures
  3. Siege Ammunition
  4. Engine and Structure Inspection
  5. Siege Engine Operation
  6. Siege Ammunition Damage
  7. Destroying Siege Engines and Structures
  8. Capturing Siege Engines and Structures
  9. Miscellaneous
  10. Glossary

Primer to Siege Combat in Lochac by Orlok Hanbal al Barbari